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Thanksgiving Day in Bornemisza High School
American guests, speaking English, plays in the gyms, search for the turkey, cake baking competition - these were the programmes of our Thanksgiving Day in Bornemisza High School
On Wednesday, the 25th November 2015 we celebrated Thanksgiving Day in our school, which is a more than two hundred years old American holiday. Some readers might ask the question: What is this remembrance about?

In the seventeenth century the English Separatists who were persecuted because of their Christian faith, left their homes and started their journey to an uncertain future in the New World, in today's America. After two months of hardship on the ocean the passengers of the Mayflower  finally arrived to the land of their new homes. Although, many of them lost their lives the others managed to survive winter with the help of the Indians.  After the first harvest the Pilgrims remembered and they thanked God for what He had done to them. This was the first Thanksgiving  in 1621. After a huge gap, in 1861 Abraham Lincoln made it an official national holiday in America.

In our school for the 'Thanksgiving Thematic Day' each class had to make a play in English on a certain topic given by the English teachers in connection with this holiday. In the plays appeared Pilgrims,  Indians and other people and topics concerning the remembrance.

Among other things we could hear about Black Friday, which is popular about its huge sales, we could meet personally John Calvin, Abraham Lincoln and even Captain America, whom the guests greeted with enthusiasm. After the plays came the 'Search for the Turkey' competition between the classes organized by Sulibusz (the Bornemisza's student organization). In that, students could play American football, which maybe was the most popular and there were other tasks too. In the next programme we had the chance to speak with the American guests, who told us how they celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. today.

The last programme of the day was a baking competition, where the students brought their severally made cakes and cookies, which the jury (the guests) tasted and rated with pleasure.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the day and became richer by new memories!

By Mirtill Dézsi and Lídia Urbányi

Photos by Simeon Pálhegyi and Róza Füziné Madarász
Publikálta: Füziné Madarász Róza
© 2010 Bornemisza Péter Gimnázium