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Tanórán kívül
Tanórán kívül
Erasmus+ Dortmund videó
Egy izgalmas hét.

Készítették: Pánczél Barnabás és Bakucz Jonatán

This video is really a masterpiece. It reflects exactly our work and our
feelings. The interviews can make us teachers feel proud and happy that
we succeeded in showing our students how preciuos it is to meet people
from other countries and cultural and political backrounds and to be
able to communicate in English nearly naturally.

My biggest compliments to the film-team, to Barnabas and Jonatan!!!!

I want to join the comment of the last student: Thank you very much!!!

Michaela Horstendahl

What a fantastic documentation of the time and activities in Dortmund!
Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication that must have gone into the production of this film. I also think it should be presented to/on the Erasmus+ platform. The quality of the sound and visual elements is outstanding. Yet the students' comments make it even more 'valuable'.
Having this on top of the products created in Dortmund is very special indeed.
Please give our thanks and best regards to everyone involved in this brilliant piece of work.

Sabine Emmerich

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