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Tanórán kívül
Erasmus + week In Hungary
In this March, several students from different countries came to Hungary.
They visited Bornemisza Péter High school within the confines of the Erasmus + Future program. The participant countries were Germany, France, Romania (Transylvania) and Hungary. The aim of the week was to show the actual dangers of the Big Data, and the possible technological issues of the future.

Our conception was to create a play together. The students wrote a script, and for one week we were hard at work to procreate a qualitative play. We labored in different groups based on our interest, every student could choose between dancing, acting or doing the designer part of the play which included shaping a poster and make the different background works.

Apart from that, foreigner students had other programs such as sightseeing in the center of Budapest and visiting amazing Museums and presentments. They had even a chance to visit the Wigner physical laboratory.

In the end of the week we presented the play in front of the whole school which made a big hit. The audience declared the play was very thrilling and they saw the big efforts we made. The participant students like the play as well and were devoted and assiduous.

Eventually we organized them a little after party where they could try different Hungarian confectioneries and that created a nice and friendly conviviality.

This program was a really good chance to make international friendships and learn more about different countries and their culture. One week was enough to get to know each other well, and have enjoyable times together, so that we were really sad when the foreigner students left our country. Also, we could use our English knowledge, and practice the language, so in this sense it was a useful experience.

According to our guests, the Bornemisza Péter high school was the competent location, and very well – equipped , nice-looking and modern. They had opportunity to try some national Hungarian food, and said that our city Budapest is gorgeous and beautiful. They appreciated being here a lot.

During this Erasmus project we will have three more meetings/motilities apart from that with the other countries. First in France, then in Germany and last in Transylvania. We going to elaborate other topics in connection with future.

I personally think, that program is a really effective way of educating, because we can use our creativity, our language knowledge, we can meet with new people, visit abroad countries, and to gain experiences. Furthermore, future is an interesting and one of the most important topic to talk about, and that way we can understand much better how our world functions. I am really looking forward to participate in more programs like this.

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Publikálta: Csaba Zsolt
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