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One month in Bretagne (Guerande)
Travelogue of Benedek Varga
With three other Hungarian students from our school, we stayed in France for a month, living with French families, just like we were the part of it. So for example we would have dinner together every day. They also took us to places to visit and helped us in many things.

Each of us lived with a different family. Not all of them stayed in Guérande, where the school was located, but near to it. The cities there, and generally in Bretagne with the rock houses and reed roofs look historic and beautiful.

Comparing to the Hungarian habits, I experienced differences in France, such as their eating habits. Usually they eat three times a day, they eat less and slower. The dinner took almost one hour every day, with 3 plates and with lots of butter and cheese. They would also do much family activities such as board and card games.

The family where I stayed was really nice, helpful in everything, I felt just like the member of it by the end. At home, they really paid attention on recycling and not to waste.

They took me to lots of places and helped experiencing new things, such as eating shell, crab, seeing the salt marshes, going to Nantes, etc.

My French knowledge improved in vocabulary, a little bit in listening, but mainly in the ability to speak more bravely, and get somehow people to understand me.

Lycée la Mennais, where we would go and have lessons every day, is a private Catholic high school in Guérande, in France, located 3 km away from the famous salt marshes, why the city is popular for. There are high school buses from the villages near to Guérande to the school.

Students learn 3 years here, at the beginning of the second year you can choose the subjects you want to learn substantially. At the end of this year students do the first part of the final exam and do the second part at the last year.

The timetable is very different from ours, Students study until 17.15 h every day, except on Wednesdays, when the school ends at noon. And this is the same in all over France. During the day there are 15 minutes breaks twice, and a 1,5 hour long lunch break. A lesson is 55 minutes long, but they take two lessons together without any break.

At lunch time you have to walk for 10 minutes for the Canteen to eat, where primary school students from another place have lunch too. There are different foods you can choose from, there is always an appetizer, a main course and a dessert to eat. In the week there is 2 EPS lesson, in which the students do one type of sport for weeks, then they change it and so on…. There is climbing, badminton, swimming and volleyball. At Thursdays there are so called clubs you can attend, for example the Music club and Magic club. At school you can use your phone in the breaks. Here, all your lessons are in the same classroom. In the school there are lots of students from abroad, learning here for weeks, months or years. In my class there are 4 of them, coming from the UK, Italy, Poland, Russia and with me, from Hungary.
Publikálta: Csaba Zsolt
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